Travis Armand with Bunkie Tattler.
    The Latter and The Hatter

    Les Miles' nearly fatal flaw is that he is not Nick Saban. In my book it's his greatest virtue.

    Regardless of one's perspective, we LS...U fans need to come together and support Coach Miles as we await a bowl bid and look forward to next season with him at the helm.

    It's often been said that backup quarterbacks occupy the best spot on the roster. That is, they enjoy the perks the quarterback position affords from the safety of the bench. This is more pronounced in the pros where one of those perks is a sizable paycheck.

    Les Miles' detractors are in a similarly desirable predicament as their number will either be proven right or pleasantly surprised. With this in mind, I'm rooting for the latter and “The Hatter.”

    Geaux Tigers!