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All About Bunkie, LA

Irion was the original name
given to the area now called Bunkie.  The first settler in the vicinity was a Major Irion.  Irion came to Avoyelles Parish in 1822, having seen service in the War of 1812 and died in 1849.

In 1878, Captain Samuel Haas, who had taken an active part in the Civil War, settled in this area of Avoyelles Parish.  He soon became the largest landowner in this part of the parish.  In l882 the Texas and Pacific Railway was seeking the right of way across the land of Alexander M Haas.  In exchange for permission to build the railroad, Cap Haas was given the privilege of naming the train station.

Legend has it that the Captain, returning from a trip to New Orleans, brought his small daughter a toy monkey.  Maccie Haas mispronounced the word "monkey" with "Bunkie" in her excitement.  From then on she was his little "Bunkie".  When given the opportunity to name the new depot the captain suggested his daughter's nickname.  Since then, her name has been immortalized as Bunkie.

Bunkie is an antique hunters Eden.  The city of Bunkie is rich in history being surrounded by many fine antebellum homes. These homes are working plantations and are not available to tour but a drive-by tour brochure with history is available at the depot.  Click here for a driving tour.

Bunkie is situated in the heart of some of the South's best farmland and draws much from the versatile soil of the area.  Included in the yearly market are the three C's - cane, cotton and corn.  It is situated in Avoyelles Parish which is considered to be the crossroads of Central Louisiana.  The city's easy access to I-49 and the fact that anywhere in Louisiana can be reached within three hours makes the location of Bunkie excellent.

If you like to visit festivals, Bunkie hosts the Louisiana Corn Festival every second full weekend in June which has the honor of being named one of the best festivals in the state. The festival was begun in 1987 by the Bunkie Chamber of Commerce to show the world what wonderful people live in the area and to honor the impact of agriculture on the economy.  For this reason a Corn Farmer of the Year is honored at each festival.  The Corn Festival Queens pageant is held in  April the weekend after Easter.  At the festival you will find something for everyone in the family.  After the citywide parade on Saturday,  the contests begin with the Corn Creature and Lizard Races, corn shucking and eating contests then pirogue races on the bayou.  There are live bands and street dances, arts and crafts booths and food booths to entice you with their many delicious wares.  You will also find a large carnival with special rates on certain days.  On Sunday,  you will find the talent contest which is the search for the "Corn Idol" and the corn cooking contests.  You can either participate in the individual cooking contest or get friends together and compete in the team cooking contest.

Guess what, you can enter the festival grounds at NO CHARGE.  Your life will become richer for becoming a part of ours.  We work hard and play harder so join us in June and you will be glad you did!

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