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August 28,1998

I gotta tell-ya, I met the nicest lady today.  Her name is CeCe Ducote and can she sing.  Hence, the name "Chamber Chirps".  What do I mean, sing?  Well, CeCe knows her Chamber business pretty well and rattles off every new and interesting quirk about the city of Bunkie known to mankind.  I was ready to move my operation lock, stock & barrel to Bunkie after spending only five minutes with her.  Enough back-slapping, CeCe thanks for your help, You are truly a Bunkien. 

Call CeCe @ (318) 346-2575                                                                                                                                                                         Dale J. Descant


So many "Chirps" could go here, here are a few:

           *  Bunkie plays host to the 1998 Avoyelles Jamboree on Friday night August 28, 1998.  All I have to say is:  Bunkie has got to win, cause we want the skin

                *   Bunkie Chamber to hold special day.  "Santa Celebration" will be held the first weekend in December and will include bargains from local merchants and food, arts and crafts booths setup at the Bunkie Depot.

        *   Bunkie Depot to get new facelift.  I was ecstatic to learn about the upcoming renovation of the Bunkie Depot.  This is definitely a must for Bunkie.

        *   Grand Opening of the Bunkie General Hospital Kidney Dialysis Center on August 24, 1998, marked yet another new business for Bunkie.

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