I am a ’77 BHS graduate and hold a BS in Psychology.  I was a professional single mom, and even though those children have all grown up, I guess I still am.  My goal is now to move forward and get that Doctorate in Psychology: That would make me “Dr. McCoy”!  What a hoot!

My love for photography has entitled me to some great photographic experiences such as weddings, precious children, couples in love, and using my photography as an art form through various mediums.  This is my hobby and my profession.   I have a website at www.capturedmomentsbykaren.com where I sell and market my work to various customers.

My vocation is Youth Minister and DRE at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church which also fills me with a spiritual satisfaction.  My three children are young adults starting their life journeys and bring me lots of joy and laughter. I currently have three grandsons, and one daughter-in-law.  I am expecting another daughter-in-law in the near future and she will bring a beautiful 4 year old granddaughter to our family.

My true love is Victor Faccini, a wonderful Mississippi man I met while living in Florida.  Through him, I have learned so much about myself and gained a lifelong friend in the process. He will be joining us in Bunkie one day.

My philosophy is to enjoy each day, no matter what!  Learn from others, forgive everyone, and make sure you leave a good mark in this world providing good memories for those who follow.


My three grandsons.   Baylen is 7, Maddux is 4 and Colton is 15 months old. 
They are my "Favorite Things"!


Main Street




Webmaster footnote:
 Karen, it has been a long time since we worked together.  Thank you for your great pictures.  Karen is the daughter of Paxton (BHS 1956) and Mary Jo (EHS 1956) Ducote McCoy.