Jim and Maggi Courville recently celebrated their trip to Egypt


Maggi and I recently returned from a 12-day in-country tour of Egypt which included SCUBA diving in the Red Sea at a resort in Hurghada, a 4-day Nile River cruise from Luxor to Aswan, and a round trip flight to visit the unbelievably beautiful temple at Abu Simbel.   The river cruise tour bus excursions included all of the many temples along the Nile River and the famous tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  Three days in Cairo, Memphis and Sakkara concluded a truly magnificent vacation.  The people of Egypt were extremely friendly, joyous, and appreciative of tourists, especially Americans.  We are still in awe over the many magnificent sights of ancient and modern Egypt which we saw.  TIP:  Purchase your VISA and exchange currency at the airport upon arrival in Cairo.  Incidental tips are expected for almost anything, so bring a stack of $1 bills for that purpose.  A video course in Egyptology added immensely to our appreciation of this amazing country.

Mileage from New Orleans thru New York:  7,200 miles to Abu Simbel

Jim Courville