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I read with interest the articles on the Bowie knife.  I have heard several "experts" speak about that, and they all are fairly close in their descriptions and origins of the man and the knife.
You might be interested to know that James Bowie married into the family of some of my ancestors.  When he settled in San Antonio, TX he eventually married Ursula Veramendi and had 2 children with her.  Ursula's mother,Dona Veramendi, was part of the Navarro family, an old Texas family.  I am descended from the Navarros. 
Two of the Navarros, Juanna Navarro Perez Alsbury and her baby, Alejo Perez (youngest survivor of the battle of the Alamo) were at the Alamo under the protection of James Bowie, a family in-law.  Juanna's first husband, Alejo Perez Sr. died in a cholera epidemic (and did Bowie's two children and his wife, Ursula).  Her second husband, Horace Alsbury, was off recruiting fighters for the battle.
Juanna grew up in the Veramendi household, as she and her sisters were essentially orphaned at a young age.  Therefore, Juanna was a cousin to Ursula, but also a "sister."  She was part of the household when Bowie was courting Ursula and they apparently had some familial affection for each other.
Martha Haydel