Bunkie Is The Best Spot Topside God's Green Earth

1959 Was A Good Year For Bunkie Football

L - R: 
Oliver LaPrairie, Kenneth Webb, DonaldDupont, Girard Jusselin, Billy Mixon, Anthony "Tony" Armand, Bobby Chatelain, James "Brother" Knoll
Where did they go:  Oliver, after graduating from ????.  Opened his own dental practice in Bunkie and continues to treat Bunkiens.  Kenneth is head honcho over at ????  Donald is now deceased, however, he led a productive and joyful life.  Girard, continues to manage the City of Bunkie in ship-shape condition.  Billy has long been an intelligence gather for bunkie.com when he is not playing Broker or chasing after a lawn mower.  Tony is the CORNFEST King.  His unbridled enthusiasm of support for the city of Bunkie is beyond approach.  Bobby, I don't know.  Brother Knoll continues to practice forensic science in COLO.  His generous support for bunkie.com is noteworthy.

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