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Caroline Grace Breedlove participated in yet another gymnastics meet on September 19, 2009 and scored big for her 9-year old age group:  1st place, floor routine; 1st place, vault; 2nd place, bars; 1st place, Overall. 

Caroline is the nine year old daughter of Randy and Melissa Descant Breedlove.  Randy and Missy reside in Montgomery, AL with their four children: Cameron 11 (6th Grader), Caroline 9 (4th Grader), Claire 7 (2nd Grader), and Carson 14-months (home-schooled for now). Randy is a Youth Minister at Morningview Baptist Church and Missy is taking a break from her position as an elementary teacher.

Missy's parents are Dale and Sandra Juneau-Descant

                                                    Watch Video of Caroline's Floor Routine...

Kaitlyn Renee,  daughter of Mark & Angela O'Quin.  She is 16 months old and this was the opening day of Dove Season.

Granddaughter of Phyllis O'Quin


Published September 18, 2009

A recent pic of my daughter Bay JoAnn Liliedahl.  She is the daughter of Nels Liliedahl from Bunkie, and Rachel Liliedahl of LaVista, NE.  Bay is now a high school freshman in Omaha, NE.  This picture is with her friend Cassie at the 2009 College World Series, Rosenblatt Stadium, LSU game 1 vs Virginia Cavaliers.  Bay is wearing the DeathValley cap, of course.  LSU 2009 CWS Champs!!  Geaux Tigers.  Omaha loves LSU Tigers almost as much as they love the Cornhuskers.  Especially in baseball.


Nels Liliedahl

Marrianne  Williber,  Executive  Director  at  Bunkie  Housing  Authority  has  been  blessed  by  the  addition  of  2  new  grandchildren  in  July.  July  16th  Isabella  Delores  Coates  was  born  to  Jamie  &  Ashley  Coates ( Her Son ) July 25th  Judah  Benjamin  Blood  was  born  to  Jessica  &  Daniel  (  Her  Daughter  )
They  are  welcomed  by  Aunt  JOJO  &  Eden,  Elijah  &  their  GranDaddy  Frank.
We  love  you !!

Marrianne  D.  Williber
Don't  worry  about  people  from  your  past,
there's  a  reason  why  they didn't  make it to your future 

George is the Grandson of Skip & Betty Calhoun Marshall.  Visit here for the rest of the story.

Footnote:  Betty writes:  He is our, (Skip and Betty Calhoun Marshall's), AMAZING grandson , our pride and joy!

Betty is a BHS graduate of 1957

Grace Katherine Bordelon is lifted on-stage to sing with Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter Wynonna Judd at her May 9th concert at Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville.  Grace was also invited to go backstage with the country singer where she was able to give Wynonna a big hug and take a picture with the singer.
She is the 7-year-old daughter of Kristin Bordelon Normand and George Normand of Bunkie.  She is the grand-daughter of Chris & Martha Bordelon of Cottonport. She is the grand-daughter of Sue & Buddy Normand of Cottonport.  Grace is a first-grader at St. Mary's Assumption School in Cottonport, LA
Grace poses with Wynonna Judd  backstage...

Amy Dugas Daughter Olivia Grace Dugas is 3-weeks old
Granddaughter of W.J. Dugas and Amy's Mother Ann Dugas


Caydon Paul Descant was born June 29, 2007 to Scott and Elizabeth Basco-Descant.
Maternal Grandparents are Becky Boatner And Jeff Basco.  Paternal Grandparents are Kerry Descant and Christine Bordelon.
Great grand parents are Mary and John Boatner and Alton Basco and Donna and Fred Gullett.

Megan's 8 month old Sebastian and Annie's - Dane 6 and Jonah (almost 5), then .
Grandsons of Don Pat and Becky-Newton Descant 


Jaxon & Zachary Daigre, Sons of Brian & Pauline
Grandsons of Doug Anderson and Janet O' Geal

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Destiny Nicole Redmon is the 2 1/2 year old daughter of Donavan Redmond. 
Baylen is 5 years old and Maddux is 18 months old. 
They are the Grandsons of Karen McCoy by her oldest son Beau & Candis Iglinsky.
Hannah Elizabeth Vise
Hannah Elizabeth Vise was born on Jan. 29th, 2006 at 3:05 AM.  She is the daughter of Karen and Tommy Vise.   She weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 20 inches tall.  She and her mother are both doing fine.  Paul & Liz Reed are the proud Grandparents...
Austin loves his baby sister...

Cara Elizabeth Descant


Cara was born to Joshua Paul Descant & Allie Sprinkle on
March 27, 2005.

Granddaughter of Kerry Descant



A.W. Knaps' Grandkids

Christian Michael.

Look out Louisiana Bar Association...


Look out Miss Louisiana...

George and Kristin Bordelon Normand's Daughter

Grace Katherine Bordelon



Kathy Juneau Osborne and Steve Osborne
share their Grandson Gavin with you

Janet Ortego Geal and David Geal share their new Grandson with you...

Zachary Andrew D.

Born - December 27, 2004
Time -8:15 a.m.
Weight - 6 lbs. 13 oz.
Length - 19 in.
Parents - Pauline & Brian
Delivering Physician - Dr. Lee
Message from the Family - "God blessed our family with another
little miracle. Jaxon has a playmate!"

Paw Paw Breedlove, Randy, Missy, Cameron, Caroline, Claire at church and on 'Victorian Day'

Paw Paw with
 Caroline & Claire
 A.W. 'Tex' Knaps' Grandkids...

Laura and Jennifer Knaps


McKenzie Grace Juneau.  Granddaughter of A.J. & Dorothy Juneau.



Pictured is Cindy Bordelon Schaub with her husband, Dan. Cindy was named Assistant Principal at Marksville Middle School. She is the daughter of Jim & Gail Aymond Bordelon. She recently taught Phys. Ed. at Mansura Middle, and received her Plus 30 in Administration 18 months ago. Family and friends are very proud of her.


Cameron (Seminole) - Claire (Baby Cat) - Caroline (Cheerleader)
Ariel Elizabeth Broussard, 14 yr old daughter of Rachel & Blaine Broussard, grand daughter of Jim & Gail Aymond Bordelon, recently graduated from Marksville Middle School with honors. Some of her activities include Cheerleading, Band, Beta, Softball, 4-H, and performing in plays.
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Cameron Joseph Breedlove - First Day In First Grade...

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 Bay JoAnn Liliedahl. Daughter of Nels and Rachel Liliedahl. 
9 year old Bay is headed into the 4th grade in LaVista, NE. 

Grandchildren of Wade & Brenda Reason. Laiken, Collin and Jayden Breaux.  Proud parents are Thomas & Rebecca Breaux.

AJ & Dorothy Juneau share Mckenzie Grace Juneau with us...

Triple C, July 4, 2004

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Caroline right and Claire celebrate Caroline's 4-years-old Birthday

Paul & Elizabeth Reed have a new grandson...
Austin Reed Vise was born March 22, 2004 at 3:50 a.m. in Alexandria, LA
He was 7 lbs. and 20 inches
Proud parents are Tommy and Karen Reed Vise

.....................................................................................................Austin is one month old here

Austin at 3-months

Triple C Easter Sunday 2004

A.W.'s Girls:  Laura, Brandi and Jennifer Knaps

Triple C, March 12, 2004
Cameron, Caroline, Claire


Grandaughter Brandi Knaps:From Tex

Grand Daughters Amber And Brook From:Tex

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Gabrielle Elena Sauseda of Bunkie had a fantastic week!  On January 24th 2004 she was crowned Jr. Miss Queen at the first annual LaSas Pageant held in Marksville, La. On Monday, the 26th she was chosen as Student of the Year for LaSas.

On Tuesday the 27th, she won 1st for her science fair project and will be competing on the State Level.

Gabrielle is the daughter of Roy and Angie Sauseda of Bunkie, Grandaughter of Joseph and Mary Sauseda of Bunkie and John and the late Jerry Francois of Bunkie.

Congratulations Gabby on your accomplishments and your dedication of striving and being the best you can be.

We are proud of you!!!

Missy & Randy's Triple C:  Cameron, Caroline & Claire.  Our son Jason took this picture and just showed us today.  What a great surprise...

We love our kids and grandkids.....Dale & Sandra...


Janet Ortego Daigre Geal sends a picture of her clan Brian "Snit" and Pauline Daigre with son Jaxon.  Cousin Christy, Todd & Cameron Cormier and Leanne Daigre.

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Snit and his loving family watching the LSU National Champions...

Caroline Beard, daughter of Jennifer Webb Beard, granddaughter of Louanne Bain and Bruce Webb and great-granddaughter of Sterling and Marylou Bain.



Cool Willie Maddox and Cynthia are proud of their two sons...


Oh ya---Willie likes his Bunkie tee also.....


McKenzie Grace Juneau - Daughter of Chris & Daphne Juneau and Granddaughter of A.J. & Dorothy Juneau

A.W. "Tex" Grandson Christian Michael...

A.W. "Tex" Grandson Blake Poole...

Dane and Jonah, grandsons of Don Pat & Becky Descant, spent Christmas in Bunkie and had one thing to say about LSU VS. Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

Dale & Sandra's Loving Granddaughters
Big Sister - Little Sister;  Caroline Grace & Claire Noel Breedlove...

This is Lauren Campbell, age 15, daughter of  Cindy and Russell Campbell, and grand daughter of Jim & Gail Bordelon (MaryGail Aymond).

Lauren won Miss Photogenic at the Jan 17, 2004 Miss Marksville Contest...
Dale & Sandra Descant # 1, 2 & 3 Grandkids

Cameron Joseph Breedlove  (5)

Caroline Grace Breedlove (3)
Claire Noel Breedlove ( 18 mo.)

Has anyone seen my hat, glasses & cel.>


Gail Bordelon with husband Jim and youngest grandson Zachary..

A.W. "Tex" & Daniele with Grandson.


To be a Parent is GREAT.  To be a Grand-parent is DEVINE...

Bianca Redmon-Munoz is the daughter of Kory and Vanessa Munoz Selma Redmon.  Happy 1-year-old Birthday Bianca.

Tyler Scott with his pa-pa Glen Ortego...



BORN:  APRIL 3, 2003   
7 POUNDS 18-1/2" LONG
This baby is Christy Ortego Cormier and Jeremy Todd Cormier's newborn baby boy born at Lafayette General Medical Center in Lafayette, LA; the proud parents are from Opelousas, LA; Cameron was born on March 25th, 2003, at 8:29 p.m.; Christy is the daughter of Lenny Riche' Ortego of Opelousas (originally from Bunkie) and of Nolan Ortego, Jr. of Bunkie, LA; Todd is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cormier of Opelousas, LA.  I'm sure they would be very proud to let all of the Bunkiens see their little miracle. 

Jaxon Pierre Daigre

Born at St. Francis Medical Center, Monroe, LA to Brian and Pauline Anderson Daigre, February 28th, 2003, 7:56 a.m. Paternal grandparents are David and Janet Ortego Geal of Bunkie, and Mike and May Daigre of Baton Rouge. Maternal grandparents are Douglas and Rene’ Brouillette Anderson of Simmesport. All of our families, including all the ‘special’ aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, would like to join in welcoming Jaxon Pierre into our lives and thanking God for this precious little miracle He has blessed us with.  See more pictures

Mylia Grace Lemoine

Michelle Cecilia Gonzales

Anna Grace Hill





Randy & Cameron