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Subject: Fw: An accurate presentation of facts from a Radio Station Owner

> Submitted by Linda Cheek Lemons and Ronnie Dupree
> By: Paul Marx, Owner of "Louisiana Proud" KBON 101.1FM

> NOTE: Just so this is not interpreted to be a "racist" observation,
> let me make it clear that this writing refers to ALL races!!

> What is going on? Why do some people feel that everyone else,
> including the government, owes them?? It seems that there are some
> people who think that in cases of emergencies they automatically become
> everyone else's responsibility and have none of their own? That needs
> to change!!

> For Hurricane Gustave, I saw the vast majority of the people who were
> getting on evacuation buses, knowing there was a few hours of bus ride
> ahead of them, do so EMPTY HANDED! Not even a bottle of water for
> themselves or even their little children! They've had days to prepare,
> but they prepared nothing! How about a couple of sandwiches for the
> trip? No.

> I watched the news and saw people complain about the place they had
> been evacuated to being "filthy" with trash! Many of those complainers
> are sitting or lying on cots furnished to them. Well, I'm sure it's not
> the
> volunteer workers who dirtied the place. My advice is get off your
> asses and clean up!!
> For one of the past hurricanes, I received a phone call at KBON
> 101.1FM radio from an evacuation center. Keep in mind, this center had
> several hundred evacuees housed there for their safety. Well, the
> caller explained to me that there was an 18 wheeler that arrived with
> water, meals and other supplies, and asked if I would announce that
> they needed volunteers to help unload the truck. I have to tell you, I
> lost it. "You mean to tell me that you have hundreds of evacuees in
> that building and you want me to ask someone to leave their house and
> their family to come and unload THEIR truck?", I asked. Before the
> person could answer I recommended "I'll tell you what to do. Go inside
> and tell them the truck is there and needs to be
>> unloaded and that you need volunteers. If no one offers to help, you
> simply lock up the back of the 18 wheeler and tell it to go somewhere
> else where it will be more appreciated"
> In another situation, I received a call and was asked to announce
> that they needed volunteers to help serve meals to their two hundred or
> so evacuees. My advice again to that caller was to get some volunteers
> among the evacuees and if they refused, then simply don't serve food.
> I am concerned that the day will come when we will have a lot of
> trouble finding anyone willing to open it's doors to the people who
> need to evacuate, and I cannot blame them if they choose to not make
> evacuees welcome. After all, they have nothing to gain by doing so. People
> come into centers, halls, etc. and practicall
> y trash the place. They > complain to the press about not being comfortable, the place being
> dirty, not liking the food, not getting water often enough, and more.
> Then they leave the place in filth!!
> I am concerned that the day will come when people will not volunteer
> to leave their home and families to go and "wait on" people who have
> absolutely no appreciation of them and what they are doing to help.
> Imagine > volunteering to help someone out of the goodness of your heart and
> not only, not being appreciated, but being criticized for your service.
> Personally, I'd rather stay home with my family then give my time to
> such ungrateful people and would not blame anyone for feeling the same
> way.
> I saw on the news recently where the Red Cross was having problems
> getting donations to help the people hurricane Gustav victims in our
> area. Could it be that people around the country are seeing the
> "whiners" and the "unappreciative" and just don't feel like giving to
> such people, knowing it will not be appreciated?
> It's my belief that the American people are great, kindhearted and
> generous people, and are very willing to help people who are trying to
> help themselves but I think more & more of us Americans are feeling
> less & less generous to people who just don't appreciate it. It's
> important to know that no one owes you anything. It's important to know
> that > people will help you a lot faster when they see you trying to help
> yourself.
> I am concerned, and you should be too.
> God bless America, God bless Louisiana and God bless you!
> Paul Marx KBON 101.1FM

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