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Dear Bunkien,

Special thanks goes out to Gretchen Mixon Luneau for becoming the most recent sponsor of bunkie.com.  Gretchen's company, NCompliance, has over 15 years of industry experience in medical laboratory practices and management. They are Louisiana State licensed, ASCP certified, BAT (breath alcohol technician) certified, and hold certifications in DOT, as well as Hair drug screen collections.

With Bunkiens doing business with other Bunkiens worldwide, we think Gretchen's company is yet another way to bring a main street Bunkie business right to your door step no matter where you are located...

Thank you again Gretchen for spending your advertising dollars with bunkie.com.  Your support in helping keep the lights on is appreciated.

Please visit NCompliance at http://www.ncompliancetesting.com/ .

Until next time,

Dale Descant
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