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Dear Bunkien,

First Blush this morning is my thoughts of the The Bunkie Tattler Blog/Forum/Bulletin Board or whatever else we decide to call it.  Calling it by it's right name is not important------what is important, as I have learned from Lila Maxwell Breme, is the open-line-of-communication available to us all when using the Tattler.  Lila will share a few excerpts from her Mother's writings with us all on Bunkie.com.   One more thing for Garland Foreman, Lila wants numerous subscriptions to the Bunkie Record.  Please contact her at lilabreme@hughes.net.

Second Blush is how I want to offer to each and every one of you the capability to develop and write to your own personal, business, or organizational forum.  It's free and it's easy.  What say you? 
www.BunkieTattler.com !

Third Blush is to ask you to help me write the next Bunkie Tattler of which I hope to publish later today/tonight/tomorrow, depends on the input.  Send me whatever information you want to send to Bunkiens worldwide and I will publish it for you.

Fourth Blush is another offer to business owners and organizations.  That offer is for you to use future Bunkie Tattler Newsletters for advertising and promotions.  I'm talking about your own Bunkie Tattler Newsletter for your stuff.  The fee is nominal.  I guarantee 100% satisfaction or I will refund "ALL" of your hard-earned do$$ars.

Fifth and Final Blush is to coin a phrase from a renowned BHS class of '59 graduate "Only Liberals ask for money.  Well my friends, I ain't no dang liberal.

Warmest regards to all,

Until next time

Until next time,

Dale Descant
Cell:  (850) 832-2167