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Subject: Disaster Relief Food Stamp Registration Update

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Subject: FYI: Disaster Relief Food Stamp Registration Update

Stopped by the Food Stamp Office today to see if I could possibly register today instead of Tuesday.  Police and National Guardsmen were all over the place.  One stopped me before I even walked through the door and asked me if I was there to register for Disaster Relief Food Stamps.  I said, 'yes'.  He said, Registration starts tomorrow from 8am - 6pm Tuesday through Monday.  He told me what was necessary to bring and in addition, to bring proof of income.  I told him I did not know that was necessary for this.  He said, 'yes, it is'.  So, for a family of two, income cannot exceed $2,700 per month, for a family of three, income cannot exceed a little over $3,000.  He said, 'If you make more than $2,700 per month for a family of two, it's no use to come'. 
Previous email I sent you:
State is issuing food stamps to all residents of Avoyelles parish as it was declared a disaster area.  You may call this number on Monday: 1-888-524-3578, press #3, then press #2 to find out where the application sites are located to register.
A family of two will receive:  $296
A family of three will receive: $4?? (forgot exactly, 4 hundred something)
A family of four will receive:  $5??
You will need social security numbers of husband and wife, ID, and two (2) proofs of residence address such as a bill, bring two.