March 29, 2009
Dear Bunkien,

The Family Ties web page came to me as I reflected back to my early Evergreen and Bunkie days in the late 50's and early 60's.  Of my parents and grandparents and of all my wonderful cousins that I grew up with.  I reflected on how they had journeyed to that point in time just as I have journeyed to this present day point and time.  The family ties web page will be more than a "Genealogical" representation.  My hope is for it to become a sentimental presentation for you to portray your family ties and memories for all to view.

My thoughts and endeavors for this project could not have come to bear had it not been for the writings of Dr. Ed Dugas, my 1st cousin, in his publications "Granny's Family Album" Volume I and II.  Nor could it not have been so easy had it not been for the writings of W.J. "Dub" Dugas, JR.,  my 1st cousin, for his exceptional Excel database depicting the Descant Family lineage starting with our grandparents Pierre "Pete" Descant and Celestine "Granny" Mary Armand-Descant.

While the first entry to the Family Ties portal is about me and my family ties, the rest of the entries will be about you.  Your participation is welcomed and encouraged...

The Family Ties portal is located at .

Thank you -

Dale Descant


Personal Footnote:  Thank you Ed and Dub.  Ed is a 1958 graduate of Evergreen High School and Dub is a 1962 graduate of Bunkie High School.