Bill Hunt Writes

July 15, 2006

Dear Bunkien, 

Some good news to update you a little on what is happening in my world and the Bunkie B&G Club venture.  1) The Boys and Girls Club of America has made contact with Mayor Gerard Moreau as of June 21, and will come to Bunkie around the end of August to begin their research.  The mayor can verify exactly what day they are planning to come.  2) Books A Million now has my book (The Last Witness From A Dirt Road) on their shelves and on their internet store, as well as Borders and Amazon in the United Kingdom.  Books A Million is the first big box store to pick it up.

I've learned that in the publishing business and writing business,
everyone moves at a pace I find very slow, however, it appears
that no one can move them any faster than they are accustomed. 

 I spent the week of June 19 in Alexandria where I had two excellent book readings and another TV interview on KALB (NBC affiliate). 

On a quick trip to Bunkie, I happened to be sitting in Gerard Moreau's office discussing the B&G Club, when the call came in from them.  What a coincidence...neither of us could believe, I hope we're on the way. 

Thanks to the Web Site, I feel book sales have been made a heck of a lot better, consequently, the combined effort may very well produce a welcomed Boys and Girls Club for Bunkie. 

I've learned also, that being nice and accommodating to EVERYONE pays big dividends, maybe not today nor tomorrow, but somewhere down the road.  I get very tired of promoting my book, but there is no one else to do it, and I've witnessed that every time I become tired and disconnected, something or someone flops over to take me another step or two forward.  It almost seems predestined to be somewhat of a success, and I'm guessing that maybe that is true, so Bunkie can have a B&G Club.

A special thank you goes out to the many Bunkiens that have purchased my book.  Your help in making this happen has been invaluable and I owe you a lot. 

On many occasions, bunkiens have emailed me to sign and send a book to them or to one of their friends around the world.  If you are interested in this, please email me at .

Thanks for listening and thanks for hearing. 

My best to you.  Bill Hunt

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