Saint Anthony School Fair

April 22, 2006
Dear Bunkien,

The Saint Anthony School Fair is next weekend April 28-29-30, 2006.  Following is a recent flyer form the Parrish life Coordinator Karen D. McCoy.


St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School

Celebrating 75 years in April 2006 and its Annual School Fair!

Greetings Fellow SAS Alumni!  celebrating

Many years ago (some of us more than others), attended a little Catholic school in Bunkie, Louisiana.  Remember that first day of school?  Some of us were excited and ready to go and some of us were terrified by the whole ordeal.  Our uniforms were pressed and tidy, our shoes were new and clean, the smell of new books and new school supplies permeated the air.  We had to bring a box of 8 Crayola Crayons, 10 coke bottle caps, an old cigar box, a tablet that had brown paper with lines, and a big fat pencil!

Then, there were the nuns!  Boy, did they look strange to newcomers.  They’d smile at our parents and immediately frown at us when our parents left the room.  I believe the nuns were the ones that defined “The Fear of God” for us.  And the rulers!  How many rulers did they own?  Every time I turned around, there was another ruler hitting a hand or the board for us to straighten up.  It’s okay; we all turned out pretty good after all. 

What was that nun’s name in first grade we called Sr. “Potato Head”?  I also remember a brother called “Gopher”.  Which one was it that spit on those of us in the front row as he spoke during class?

AAAHHH, so many memories!

Remember the candy store at recess?  All you needed was 1¢, or 5¢ to buy a good candy bar.  Who out there still has no cavities?  Recess??? … I longed for recess when I was in school. 

Well all those memories aside, it’s time to tell everyone what’s in store for the SAS Alumni.  Our little catholic school has been operating now for 75 years!  Can you believe it?  Our small town has maintained a privately funded catholic school that has outlived many other ventures in private school education for our parish.  We are all very proud of the parishioners, alumni, parents and students of St. Anthony-old and new!

We don’t care where you are, who you know, how much money you make, how many kids you have………..we just want to get together and have a blast with everyone!

(But bring photos of your children and grandchildren and yes GREAT grandchildren!)

In celebration of such an incredible achievement, the local group of Alumni and several other volunteers are preparing a huge Alumni Celebration in recognition of it 75th Anniversary.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.  We are holding the celebration on April 28th from 6-9pm in conjunction with the school fair on April 28th-30th.  That’s the last weekend on April! 

I’d love to collect old photos and stories for the power point presentation.  Old photos of the school, friends, or teachers can be emailed to or scan and burn them to a CD and mail them to me.  Just let me know what I’m looking at when you send them and if you need the CD returned, make sure I have your mailing address.

The current students have been rehearsing for a play that they will be putting on for your entertainment and they will also be singing for us.  We will be serving light hor‘douvres and may go on to the Zanga at the Bailey Hotel following the program.  If you have had a chance to experience a GOOD event icebreaker at another function, let us know…we may want to use it.

We are currently trying to locate as many of the 75 years of alumni as possible but we need your help.  Please contact your siblings or friends you still have connections with that are alumni of St. Anthony School.  We are hoping to bring at least 500 alumni for the event.  Children and spouses are very welcomed!  Reservations at hotels will book up fast. Make plans in advance.  RSVPs are needed to help us plan for the seating arrangements, and food.  Please email me at or contact me at 318-346-7274

Waiting to see everyone there for a good time!

Karen D. McCoy

Parish Life Coordinator

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

409 St. John Street

Bunkie, LA 71322

(318) 346-7274"


Please ask your AOL and friends to put in their address book.  All of the and AOL E-mails were rejected.  Ask them to email me and I will help.