A.W. Knaps Prayers

December 16, 2009


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Subject: Bunkie Tattler - A.W. 'TEX' Knaps

 Dear Bunkien -
 Judy just sent me this asking for our prayers for A.W.
 Judy writes:
 "Just a "quick note" to let you & all Bunkiens know that our friend "Tex Knaps" is back in the hospital in Monroe & he & Daniele are in need of all our prayers. He recently went back in for the "final stretch" of his last major surgery. Although it was NOT a "minor surgery", things went "from bad to worse" after surgery, He began bleeding internally & his body vital signs plummeted down to "zero".He had to be rushed back into the operating room to find & stop the bleeding. After being in ICU for the past few days, he IS recovering,albeit slowly. He is not up to visits, phone calls or Emails for the time being. I have been speaking to Daniele on the phone & she has been giving me progress reports. What they ARE in need of are the prayers of all who know him or know OF him. He has ALWAYS been proud to say he lived in Bunkie & has strong ties here.
 Thanks & I will let you know of any & all updates..
 Your friend, 
   Judy Turner(Moreau) Fontenot"

 Good Luck A.W.  Our prayers are with you.
 Dale Descant