11th Anniversary

August 10, 1998 - August 10, 2009
August 10, 1968 - August 10, 2009

Dear Bunkien -

Following is a little potpourri, oh-by-the-ways, and yes, a little bit of marketing...

11 years of Bunkie.com - Thank you for your support.

41 years for Sandra and I.  It's been fun Babe--- I love you still.  Our hot summer wedding day at the Bailey Hotel lingers in my mind always. 

It seems like yesterday!

I would like to remind everyone about the BHS Luncheon event going down on Friday the 14th in Denham Springs.  See details.

As a follow-up to the Kevin Rabalais story, Gree Griffin Shaw reminds me that Kevin is the Grandson of Mrs. Mary Virginia Rabalais Melancon.  Kevin Rabalais is the Bunkie-Born Australian writer.

Webmaster Footnote:  Gree is a 1962 BHS graduate..
Gail Aymond Bordelon writes about her friend:

Great news re Laura's son Todd.( Laura Brown Hensel-a 59 grad of BHS. Todd has had multiple transplants and against all odds, he is still improving. 

For all of you that have Prayed with us for Todd...

I wanted to share this with you.. I am now in Michigan and staying at the Sibels home while they are on vacation..it is across the street from my house (which is rented out)...Yesterday I looked out the window and there was Todd in my driveway - he had just DRIVEN his truck over to my house to help Josh (he had trimmed some shrubs)  pick up branches from my yard....and I cried with joy -  I thought my heart would explode  How wonderful to be able to look out and see him ... Thank you LORD.
he still is weak and has bad days with pain but he is TODD and just keeps going.

Webmaster Footnote:  Gail is a 1959 BHS graduate..

 Dr. Ed Dugas is working wonders with the Evergreen web site.  Go there and enjoy.

Danny and Margie Melancon's son Daniel, a pilot for Continental Express Jet pilot, and  a friend has started a new company called BrownBins. You can go to www.brownbins.com  and see what it is.

Now when you move or relocate your home or business you no longer have to go looking for cardboard boxes!!!  BrownBins to the rescue!!!  They offer the services to the Baton Rouge area and the Avoyelles Parish area right now with plans to expand.  If you are moving or need to store anything for a week or more, you can have the use of plastic bins (boxes) - one box, one week, $1.00. Twenty boxes for one week would cost $20.00 and they will deliver the bins to you and pick them up after you move or need them!!! So if you are moving, you contact them, let them know how many you need, they will deliver them to you and when you are through, they will pick them up! So, go to their web site and check it out!!  The bins can be locked and are much stronger than a cardboard box. They are also targeting businesses, law firms, doctors' offices, etc., anyone who might need to move  or store files or important paper work for period of time.


Webmaster Footnote:  Daniel is a 1997 BHS graduate..

In my quest for fine southern dining and the love of Certified Cajun foods, I had a chance recently to sample some Southern BBQ Sauce (Cajun Style).  Wow-------->  I gathered a little intel and discovered that Bunkien Mary Beth Franks Kojis may be affiliated with the sauce in some manner.  Due to the short timeframe remaining to publish this Anniversary Tattle, I was unable to confirm this with Mary Beth, but I am going with my gut feeling and my source on this.  If I am wrong about Mary Beth, I apologize. 

The sauce is excellent!!!  Please contact me Mary Beth for a follow-up story...

Webmaster footnote:  Mary Beth is the daughter of Bruce and Marie Couvillion Franks and married to Todd Kojis.  Todd is the son of Steve and Martha Kojis.

Please join the Bunkie Chamber Of Commerce.  Call Phyllis at (318) 346-2575 or BunkieChamber@bellsouth.net .  All Chamber members are listed on their web site at www.Bunkie.org

Take a close look at bunkie.com.  It reaches far back into our past and inspires us to reach far ahead into our future... Help me write a better Bunkie Tattler next time with your input.  Thank you,

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