Webmaster Speaks

January 28, 2010

Dear Bunkien - 

Please allow me to revisit the last Bunkie Tattler – Chamber Chips and convey to you my deep appreciation and commitment to the Bunkie Chamber Of Commerce. 

Along with the very much welcomed and appreciated Bunkie Business advertising and numerous contributions from Bunkiens worldwide, the Bunkie Chamber has been the mainstay in providing the core financial stimulus to Bunkie.com.  For ten years now the Bunkie Chamber has annually relinquished a generous financial shot in the arm to Bunkie.com.

Do me a favor and join the Bunkie Chamber.  You don’t have to be a business.  Like I said before----- Be What You Is and join no matter what you are; no matter where you are.  Call Phyllis at (318) 346-2575 or E-mail  BunkieChamber@bellsouth.net .

My company, Certified Marketing Company(CMC),
has been a member of the Bunkie Chamber since the conception of Bunkie.com.  I sincerely believe, however, I would have joined the Bunkie Chamber even if I were still a Cotton-Picker on my Daddy’s farm.

My Daddy, Edgar “Pega” Descant convinced me, early in life, that the path to acquiring the keys to the kingdom was through the cotton fields.  Everyday during the season, I would go out and hoe and or pick cotton before and after school on his farm in Evergreen.   Heck, I wanted to eat didn’t I…  I fondly remember Mom’s fried egg sandwich dripping with bacon grease as I made my way through the wet cotton stalks or barefooted through the clumps of hard dirt.  I learned some good lessons in work ethics back then.

That work ethic remains with me today just as I wholeheartedly believe the Bunkie Chamber Of Commerce Board of Directors (BCOC BOD) possess that same work ethic.  I am confident they will work vigorously for all chamber members far and near.

You embraced Bunkie.com for its camaraderie and social networking.  Embrace the new Bunkie Chamber web site for its business content and economic development potential.  Network with other Bunkien businesses worldwide.  One aspect of Bunkie.com, subliminal attempt if you will, was to initiate an environment for Bunkiens to do business with other Bunkiens.  One on one and business to business.  I feel we only stirred the pot.  It is now time to take advantage of this business and personal opportunity as it presents itself through the new chamber web site due out in the next two months.

Disclaimer:  The Bunkie Chamber is in no way involved with the operations or day-to-day business of Bunkie.com nor CMC.  Likewise, Bunkie.com and CMC are not involved with the operations or day-to-day business of the Bunkie Chamber.  CMC is a Bunkie Chamber member only.  The BCOC BOD in no way has endorsed or was/is aware of the publishing of this Bunkie Tattler. They will know it was sent when you do…  

See y'all at the CornFest,

Dale J. Descant
Webmaster at www.Bunkie.com
(850) 832-2167 (cell)