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Joshua Parrish BHS Class of 2002 in Afghanistan

Joshua Parrish is now a weapons specialist as well as an engineer. Their vehicles pack sufficient ammunition and meals. Joshua  is now  serving in Afghanistan on a patrol that is being called Operation  Road Warrior. He recently made a trip home to see his parents and brothers and to say goodbye. In this picture he is seen saying good bye to his mom (Mary Parrish Of GoldDust Louisiana) . Parrish encourages the young people of Bunkie to come join him. Parrish says he's got your back covered. Operation Road Worrior  exposes soldiers to suicide bombers' improvised explosive devices , snipers, indirect fire and enemy ambush.  While integrating construction tasks. Their mission is to identify the type of engagement and react properly and report to higher headquarters.Parrish has been trained with heavy eqipment such as bulldozers, scrapers, graters and rollers . Joshua's dad ,Walt Parrish, says he is very proud of all his son has done and asks everyone to please keep him in their prayers . Joshua ia a 2002 graduate of of BHS.  He served a year in Americorps Northeast Region before joining the service. He had been stationed in San Diego before being deployed.

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