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My co-worker's wife's birthday is also 9/11.  She is a Stewardess for
American Airlines.  Every year she is assigned an exotic trip on her
birthday and her husband (my co-worker) accompanies her.  This particular year he wanted to surprise her by having a pool dug and in place before she returns.  He telephoned her and ask to come home instead of going abroad.  He said she declined and whined because the trip was to RIO and they could return on 9/11 and still celebrate.  Guess what, he gave in.   This was the evening of the 9th.  He returned to work on the 21st and stated this............

"On 9/09, he was preparing the finishing touches on the house for his wives return when he noticed the contractor left something outside.  He leaned down to pick it up, lost his balance and fell into the pool.   Broke his leg and no one was around to hear him holler.  He stated he heard the telephone ring located it and it was his wife.

She immediately found a replacement and came home on next available flight.  While they were at home <9-11> they received a call to turn on the television.   Upon doing so they stated they fell to their knees and thanked God. 

That was the flight they both were to be on.............

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